Star Saga: One, fourth session – Stop Shooting at Me!

2011 August 2
by JJ Sonick

Well, this weekend didn’t provide the marathon let’s-try-to-finish-this-thing session I’d planned, but I made a bit of progress nonetheless, and was violently attacked by aliens for my efforts.

First, while traveling to another one of Vanessa’s mystery planets on the map, I received a radio transmission from a creature on Girande who requested a Gradient Filter, which apparently can be found on the planet Gnarsh (although a Gradient Filter sounds like it should come from the planet of Adobe CS5000).

Next, that particular dot on the map turned out to be Firthe, a all-water world inhabited by an advanced amphibious race possessing a complex array of flailing appendages covering their bodies. I chose to visit one of their chemical laboratories — their knowledge of chemistry far outranks that of humans — and learned I can purchase a Particle Catalyst from them, for an particular assortment of goods I of course did not have on me.

Better Living Through Engineering

Sticking around a bit longer, I learned these Firthians have been evolving themselves through genetic engineering. Thousands upon thousands of years ago they were attacked by an alien race (perhaps the same one which made that warship Vanessa Chang rode on), and defending themselves led to their breakthrough advances in chemistry and biology. Eventually they adapted their bodies to withstand not only the deepest depths of their oceans but being out of the water as well. They plan to eventually perfect this to be able to live naturally in the void of space (they’ve avoided space travel so far, from fear of encountering the war-like aliens again). They could build a Super Space Suit for me that incorporates their advances into a human-adapted withstand-any-environment piece of high-tech fashion. So I have yet *another* built-it recipe for which I don’t have all the necessary components yet.

Next I traveled to another mystery dot, discovering the aforementioned Gnarsh. Gnarshians possess a melodious language (with many local variations) and a strong urge to kill Gnarshians of other clans (a centuries-long war is ravishing the planet). My ship computer suggested they would not be hostile to alien visitors however, so we attempted a landing (that decision is rail-roaded by the text, by the way.) I was promptly attacked by a Gnarshian ship!

I failed in both attack and defense. Fortunately, I was able to turn tail after the attack and the game represented the damage by having me waste turns repairing the ship, instead of by loss of cargo or life. Obviously, I’ll need some ship upgrades before I can visit Gnarsh properly (and find that Gradient Thingy).

Was It Something I Said?

Next I discovered Storage Station 7. Another unfriendly welcome! The asteroid-sized space station immediately started blasting at me. Once again, neither my ship’s attack nor defense was up to the battle. Also once again, damage is reckoned by phases burned up repairing the ship. Yet another subtle hint my wimpy ship needs better firepower.

That’s enough of being shot at for now. I can see that playing multiplayer would be big help with these construct-a-special-item recipes. I’m piling up recipes, but getting the right goods through wheeling-dealing at planetary marketplaces hasn’t really been possible because at I usually didn’t have the right good(s) to do a profitable exchange. I guess I’ll have to do some backtracking to previous marketplaces, but it’d be much nicer to meet up with a fellow player to do some goods exchanging.

I did peek at Dan’s map that has all the planets named, and I’m close to Cordethar, so next session should see me visiting that apparently plot-important place…

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2012 September 25
David F permalink

I came across an IF reference in Star Saga: One …

“Rest assured that the computers offered in trade are purely nonsentient devices suitable for repetitive tasks such as industrial process control, high-speed calculation, and the creation of works of interactive fiction.”

2013 January 25

Haha! Nice! I assume Greenberg et al. were poking fun at themselves as well, since they billed Star Saga as an “interactive…space opera” :)

2013 April 1
Ben L permalink

Ah… Star Saga I remember thee well. I played through both One and Two multiple times back in the mid-90s with some friends of mine in Jr. High School (God I’m getting old).

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