Years of Absurdology Research revealed!

The sketch comedy group Come On, Scientists! unleashes their nonsense upon the world via the skits below.

You can also view the entire 28-minute Come On, Scientists! show on Vimeo, become of a fan of COS on Facebook, and get the COS DVD (featuring the whole show + 40 minutes of extras) via



Ice Cream Man


San Francisco's Bid to Host the Olympics

Scruffy and the Sword

Car Hypnotist

Watch the entire show on Vimeo

The full show includes credit sequences & some transition scenes not included in the vids above.

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Nice-quality versions of the skits are available on this Facebook page as well.

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The COS DVD contains the full show plus over 40 minutes of absurdilicious extras!

* Shocking truths! What Come On, Scientists! is all about.



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