Mozomedia Music Podcast – Ep 9 (Enhanced)

March 3, 2010  

We’re back with a custom-made song about what zombies like (brrrrraaaains!), another custom-request done Bollywood-Bhangra style, new music from Auricular Records and the always-amusing SuBBrilliant News report from Tom Merritt.

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On this show:

- We’ll make a song for you! Send a song title and a description of how you’d like the song to sound (you can be as vague or specific as you please) to For each podcast, we’ll pick some of the requests to turn into real songs that’ll be featured on show. Read more about song requests.

- Song request fulfilled for Craig Denniston from Omaha. He requested ‘Brrraaaaaaaiiiinnnnsssss’ so the New Old Men zombied it up.

- Song request fulfilled for Vinita Chhahira. She requested a song done in a Bollywood / Bhangra style that would include the dentist-visit-related lyrics ‘I wore cool shades”, “There’s protein in my saliva” & “My teeth were media-blasted”. ‘Sanjay’s Dentist Appointment’ is JJ Sonick’s attempt to fulfill this.

- ‘Monkey Tree Jam’ by Rhed Cerulean, from an album due out this month from Auricular Records

- ‘Bitchin’ Candy’ is some lo-fi crazed indie something from Pookie.

- SuBBrilliant News from Greg Whitney (aka Tom Merritt), reporting on the Ryan Seacrest monopoly and some sort of international game.

- Experimental laptop musician My Boyfriend the Pilot creates a hypnotic groove with ‘Malibu Stacy (vs. DJ Dizazter)’

- Andrez Bergen gets his sci-fi sound collage apocalypse on with ‘A Zed and Two Rorts’ from the album Hackneyed Record Crate, releasing this month from Auricular Records..

- Charlie Naked creates a cosmic ambient sweep with ‘Chimes and Accordions’ from his album Upil.

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See you in a month! Send those custom song requests in!

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