Mozomedia Music Podcast – Ep 11 (Enhanced)

May 27, 2010  

An alt-country tale of romantic redemption, a requested song about a plucky dog and possessed play-do, an intricate piano-cello-viola improv by a mystery trio, SuBBrilliant News from Tom Merritt and more!

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On this show:

- We’ll make a song for you! Send a song title and a description of how you’d like the song to sound (you can be as vague or specific as you please) to For each podcast, we’ll pick some of the requests to turn into real songs that’ll be featured on show. Read more about song requests.

- Custom song made for Joanne Fong. Joanne sent us this photo and challenged us to make a song about it. The New Old Men decided it was the first scene of a story about a dog and some dark magicks at the local corner store, naming the song ‘Dog Saves the Day’.

- ‘The Ballad of Johnny Ray Pierre’ is wistful lo-fi alt-country from Pookie.

- The mystery members of the piano-cello-viola Trio Elusive perform the improvisation ‘The Broken Bough’

- Greg Whitney (aka Tom Merritt) of SuBBrilliant News gives a shocking report.

- ‘Baste Beast’, a tasty yet deranged bit of off-kilter splunking from Kitchen Sink.

- Nux Vomica & Voice of Eye collaborate on ‘Sixty Four Hexagrams’ from their CD Invivo.

- Avijit improvises an indie rock instrumental tribute to John Hughes nostalgia with ‘Molly Grows Up’.

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See you in a month! Send those custom song requests in!

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