Mozomedia Music Podcast – Ep 1 (Enhanced)

February 12, 2009  

Welcome to the first Mozomedia Music Podcast!  Grab some Gravity Free Radio from our DJ-in-orbit Harris and enjoy the varied musics he’s lined up for you.

>> Listen to the enhanced show

What’s played on this episode:

- Underwater in November – The New Old Men
- Don’t Talk – The New Old Men
- Hark! The Sword Flies Through the Aire! – J.J. Sonick (from the soundtrack of Come On, Scientists!)
- The Dusty Circle – Kitchen Sink (available on Auricular Audio Magazine # 13)
- Motown – Low Water
- Rituals of the Ancients – G:Nome
- Took Off Your Head – Pookie
- News report from SuBBrilliant News
- Symphony A, third movement – Charlie Naked
- John Bell – Avijit
- Xeno Grid – Masters of Poh
- Simple Things – Food and Drug Administration Orchestra
- Resolution into Water – Nux Vomica
- Trouble is My Name – The High Country Low Lifes

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One Response to “Mozomedia Music Podcast – Ep 1 (Enhanced)”

  1. Richard on March 15th, 2009 2:11 pm

    There is a ton of great and unique music in this podcast. I really enjoy the variety of music played on your podcast.