April 15, 2009  

This month our DJ-in-orbit serves up geekiness from The New Old Men, decadent Americana from White Mahatma, a piece off pianist Chris Connolly’s debut album, the crazed classic Porno in the Sink from the FDAO and more, as well as headlines from SuBBrilliant News.

Take a listen:

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We start with a tribute to 8-bit retro glory and beyond in the form of the mid-fi indie pop of ‘Geek Patrol’ by The New Old Men.

Next is the alcohol-stained, warm-toned, lyrical alt-folk-country derangement of ‘The Delmontaire’ by White Mahatma.

This is followed by the lovely classical piano-styled motions of ‘Cascade’ by Chris Connolly, off his recent debut release Piano Album. You can hear more at Chris’ MySpace page.

Then we hear the shimmering lo-fi indie rock of ‘Self-Referential’ by Pookie, off the album Transcending the Goatfoot.

Next is a jaunt of old-time swing-style jazz via ‘Jimmy ‘the Suit’ Jazz’ by J.J. Sonick, from the soundtrack of the comedy show Come On, Scientists!.

Then we experience the all-time classic acoustic ballad of sexuality-fueled-despair-and-hilarity ‘Porno in the Sink’ by The Food and Drug Administration Orchestra.

SuBBrilliant News serves us satiric headlines that threaten to take our lunch money.

Next we take a ride on the galloping instrumental ‘Runaway Train’ by Charlie Naked off his album Oceans of Shattered Glass.

This is followed by the rock plus trombone shenanigans of ‘Monkey Fun’ by Avijit.

Then we take a ‘Ticket to a Quasar’ in the an increasingly spacey guitar/keyboard instrumental by Kitchen Sink.

Finally, we explore the dark, ambient rumblings of ‘Intelligibles and Invisibles’ by Nux Vomica.

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