Mozomedia Music Podcast – Ep 4 (Enhanced)

May 27, 2009  

For May our DJ-in-orbit serves you a new song from J.J. Sonick, rocking consumerism from The New Old Men, languorous lust from White Mahatma and much more, as well as late-breaking stories from SubBrilliant News.

Take a listen:

>> Download Episode 4 (right- or ctrl-click and select ‘Save as…’)

What’s played on this episode:

- Never Get Clean by J.J. Sonick
- The Suffocating Rubber Clown Suit of Negativity by G:Nome
- I’m Going Shopping by The New Old Men
- Heat Alpert by J.J. Sonick, for the skit Heat by the comedy group Come On, Scientists!
- Wreckage of the Hudson by White Mahatma
- A Trip to Romany by The High Country Low Lifes
- News report from SuBBrilliant News
- Dig a Little Hole by The Food and Drug Administration Orchestra
- Political Song for Biota to Sing by Kitchen Sink
- Oceans of Shattered Glass by Charlie Naked

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