October 29, 2009  

We are finally back, with three fulfilled song requests, a new format, lots of new music, and a fresh SuBBrilliant News report!

Take a listen:

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On this show:

A new format for the podcast: a live conversation between Craig Higdon and Josh Lawrence (aka JJ Sonick). Harris the lonely astronaut won’t be DJing anymore, but we’ll be hearing more from him in the future, in a different medium.

We’ll make a song for you! Send a song title and a description of how you’d like the song to sound (you can be as vague or specific as you please) to Each month we’ll pick one or more of the song requests to turn into a real song that’ll be featured on the next podcast. You can read more about song requests here.

Song request fulfilled for Kai Balbin from Orange County, California. She asked for a song called ‘Diwata’ (a Filipino word for ‘goddess’ or ‘fairy’) that would sound like “maybe sigur ros meet radiohead meet the album leaf/roots of orchis”. Request fulfilled by by JJ Sonick.

Song request fulfilled for Steve Dobkins from Fort Worth, Texas — ‘Dragging My Rope Through the Cow Pasture‘ by The New Old Men. Steve said we could ‘feel free to improvise’, and we couldn’t resist countryin’ it up. We did screw up the verb conjugation, though, as Steve originally requested ‘I drug my rope through the cow pasture.’ Hope you still like it despite our screw up, Steve!

– ‘In Memoriam Karlheinz Stockhausen‘ by Eldad Tsabary. Tsabary crafted this tribute to the late 20th-century avant-garde composer by translating a scan of a photo of Stockhausen into musical notes.

‘I’ll Kick Your Ass’ by the often ornery and amusing acoustic-guitar-wielding Food and Drug Administration Orchestra

Song request fulfilled for Mr San from New Zealand: ‘On my next holiday I will travel to Atiu where I will eat succulent beche de mer and corned beef’ by JJ Sonick. San asked for this monstrously titled song to be done as a “smooth jazz / country fusion”. You’ve been warned!

SuBBrilliant News from Tom Merritt, reporting on God’s jealousy over the recent Nobel Peace Prize given to U.S. President Obama and more.

‘Solarine’ by Drew Dobbs off the new album Music from the Middle of Nowhere, from Auricular Records.

‘Boxy’s Lament’ by J.J. Sonick, a new Apple II composition.

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