December 4, 2009  

We bring you two fulfilled custom song requests, tales of the Land of Poh and lost Pooks, fresh Auricular music, and a SuBBrilliant News report!

Take a listen:

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On this show:

- We’ll make a song for you! Send a song title and a description of how you’d like the song to sound (you can be as vague or specific as you please) to Each month we’ll pick some of the requests to turn into real songs that’ll be featured on the next podcast. Read more about song requests.

- Song request fulfilled for Mighty_Meh (aka xoes) from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She said she “would like a bluesballad named What about the Daisies“. The New Old Men have provided such a blues ballad, even drifting it into space at parts. Hope you enjoy it, Mighty_Meh!

- The lore behind the lo-fi 4-track instrumental ‘The Land of Poh’ by the band Pookie is explored.

- The a capella do-wop of ‘The Lost Pook’, also by Pookie, and the story behind it.

- Song request fulfilled for Panchitah from Los Angeles, California — ‘Unknown Errors Are Happening‘ by JJ Sonick. Panchitah asked for a song with this title in tribute to the ‘unknown errors are happening’ error message that occasionally can be seen on the fun social communication site The music was produced with an 8-bit Apple II computer.

- Ambient bands Nux Vomica and Voice of Eye in their first time playing together in fifteen years – this is an excerpt from their ethereal improv.

- SuBBrilliant News from Greg Whitney (aka Tom Merritt), reporting on werewolves pissed off at the new Twilight Saga movie and more.

- ‘The Wilds of East Nebraska’ by the crazed and acoustic-guitar wielding Food and Drug Administration Orchestra

- ‘Triangulum’ by Drew Dobbs off the new album Music from the Center of Nowhere, from Auricular Records.

- ‘Alva’s Porch’ by Avijit, featuring guest Bliss Blood on violin.

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See you in January! Send those custom song requests in!

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