Mozomedia Music Podcast – Ep. 5 (Enhanced)

June 30, 2009  

Episode no. 5 brings you the epic Sword and Laser rock song, new ambient instrumental from Karl Eifrig, new releases from Auricular Records, a scintillating SuBBrilliant News report, and much more.

Take a listen:

Download Episode 5 (right- or ctrl-click and select Save as…)

What we play on this episode:
– Younger by The New Old Men
– Cansada by Kitchen Sink
– The Sword and the Laser by The Clive Royal Project and The New Old Men. (Inspired by the online science fiction and fantasy bookclub Sword and Laser)
– The Evening Bite by Karl Eifrig
– Fine as Wine by Pookie
– She Brings the Rain by Giligadi off the Fissures in the Faithful album
– News report from SuBBrilliant News
– Holes in Your Paper Stomach off the album The Noise Under the Eyelid by The Cat’s Orchestra
– Solar Sail by Avjit
– The Bowls by Charlie Naked
– Hope you enjoyed podcast number five, and see you next month!


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