Mozomedia Music Podcast – Ep 6 (Enhanced)

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Our July podcast serves up a beautiful pop song about a jerk’s car alarm, an instrumental made on an Apple II computer, new Kitchen Sink music, a SuBBrilliant News report from Tom Merritt, an invitation to have us custom-make songs for you, and much more.

Take a listen:

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On this show:

- An Annoucement: We’ll make a song for you! Send a song title and a description of how you’d like the song to sound (you can be as vague or specific as you please) to Each month we’ll pick one submitted suggestion to turn into a real song that’ll be featured on the next podcast. So start bossing us around already and send those suggestions in!
- Karl Eifrig reveals part one of his Chronicles of Suburban Ennui in the form of almost Simon-and-Garfunkley acoustic pop song ‘No One Gives a Shit About Your Car Alarm’
- D.J. Saunter cooks up some banjo and southern-fried rock laced with spacey shimmers and just a dash of riffing moog in the instrumental ‘Interstellar Trucking’
- Giligadi develops a dark cavernous landscape for multi-tracked trumpets to explore a beautiful and somber ‘Eclipse’, off the album Fissures in the Faithful
- Kitchen Sink brings on the heavy thump drums, grooving guitar riffs and space-y e-bow of ‘Psychedelicized Insane Quintet’
- Pookie mixes lo-fi punky-pop with lo-fi salsa rock in the culinary delight ‘Baby Wanted Pie’
- J.J. Sonick gets semi-medieval on your ass with the bucolic instrumental ‘Tears of the Blacksmith’ from the soundtrack of Come On, Scientists!.
- SuBBrilliant News reports on Harry Potter fans disappointed that the movies aren’t documentaries and more.
- J.J. Sonick goes 8-bit with ‘The Green Sheen’ – an instrumental made with an Apple II computer.
- Avjit unfolds some atmospheric free-jazz in ‘Now I Know It’s Raining’
- Finally, Charlie Naked combines a haunting little melody with ambient atmospherics in ‘Two Thoughts’ off his album Oceans of Shattered Glass.

Hope you liked what you heard, please leave comments here and rate us on iTunes!  See you next month!

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Mozomedia Music Podcast – Ep. 5 (Enhanced)

June 30, 2009 by  
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Episode no. 5 brings you the epic Sword and Laser rock song, new ambient instrumental from Karl Eifrig, new releases from Auricular Records, a scintillating SuBBrilliant News report, and much more.

Take a listen:

Download Episode 5 (right- or ctrl-click and select Save as…)

What we play on this episode:
- Younger by The New Old Men
- Cansada by Kitchen Sink
- The Sword and the Laser by The Clive Royal Project and The New Old Men. (Inspired by the online science fiction and fantasy bookclub Sword and Laser)
- The Evening Bite by Karl Eifrig
- Fine as Wine by Pookie
- She Brings the Rain by Giligadi off the Fissures in the Faithful album
- News report from SuBBrilliant News
- Holes in Your Paper Stomach off the album The Noise Under the Eyelid by The Cat’s Orchestra
- Solar Sail by Avjit
- The Bowls by Charlie Naked
- Hope you enjoyed podcast number five, and see you next month!

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