Apple II Adventures Fell in a Hole with Grues, is Now Back

2012 September 22
by JJ Sonick

So it’s been a long time since I updated, but even worse, this entire site has been down for almost three weeks. This is because of the implosion of its host, Nexpoint, which had been a reasonably dependable host for my sites for almost 10 years, but which this year changed to new and apparently calamitous management. Other people experienced serious problems with Nexpoint-hosted sites earlier this year, as evidenced on this webhost talk thread, but the rot didn’t spread to me til early this month, when nexpoint’s own site disappeared completely, and everyone’s hosted sites went dark. You can read what all of us Nexpoint-hosted folk went through on that thread.

We also discovered that if you had registered our domain with nexpoint, nexpoint had listed their info as the owner, and one of their tech people’s email address as the contact point. This meant it was impossible to transfer a domain you owned, because a confirmation email needed to be sent to and replied from the email address listed as the domain’s contact point. So our domains were basically held hostage while nexpoint maintained radio silence. I was finally able to get someone at nexpoint to change the contact info to mine, and thus was able to transfer the domain to my new host, Inmotion. But the server hosting all my site files is still not back on-line, 3 weeks in.

I did have my own recent backups of the site html, wordpress themes, etc for all my sites. Unfortunately, my backup exports of the wordpress databases were much older, ending mid 2009. Thank goodness Feedburner had a cache of the RSS feed, so I was able to manually re-add the missing posts one-by-one from the HTML feed. But all comments post mid-2009 are gone, which is a big bummer. :/

Anyway, the disaster is now over, please re-subscribe if I got kicked off for server not found messages, etc., and know I will be much more scrupulous with wordpress database backups from now on!

In Apple II-specific news, I definitely gave up on Star Saga, it was too taxing to play it solo the “real” way, switching between physical map, books and computer constantly – I’ll use the PC Game Kit (map + booklet entries) program when I try its massive Choose-Your-Own-Adventure narrative again.  In programming news, I’ve been happily messing around with Macrosoft, essentially a large collections of macros for Mindcraft’s Assembler that allows you to write assembly programs with almost BASIC-like ease, as well as investigating Beagle Graphics (again), Cat Graphics and St. John Morrison’s Saturday Morning Animation System for game engine integration.  I’ll share details on that stuff soon.

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2012 September 25

Sorry to hear about your hosting & WordPress issues. :-\ I hope you’ve re-established your backup routine.

As for Star Saga, if playing solo is an issue, then you should go to KansasFest! They started a Star Saga game there that they expect to pick up and continue at each consecutive KansasFest for years to come. I’m sure they’d welcome another player!

2012 September 26

Thanks for sharing. You may be interested in my presentation on and experiments with Macrosoft:

2013 January 25
JJ Sonick permalink

Sorry for the very late reply, guys.

Ken, yes, I have a better routine in place now! Learned the very hard way…

The extended Star Saga game sounds cool! I do want to make it to KansasFest some year.

Peter, thanks for that link – I’ll definitely check the lecture out – I’m kind of surprised Macrosoft didn’t catch on back in the day – at least, I haven’t run across many mentions of it being used, despite the fact it seems a very solid tool.

2013 February 15
Curious permalink

Hey, sorry to hear you quit Star Saga 1. I’ve just been thinking about playing it again and was stoked to find all the materials scanned at mocagh.

Do you know if anyone has done a similar set of scans for Star Saga 2? I want to give it a try and I found the GameKit. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on my system.


2015 January 16
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